Tips for Being a Good Neighbor When Moving

Like Mr. Rogers, don’t you want to be a good neighbor? Whether you have great relations with your current neighbor and want to continue that feeling of good will and collaboration with your new neighbors, or you didn’t have a great relationship with your old ones but want to change that situation with the new ones, it’s time to brush up on these tips.

If you’ve moved before, you know what an adjustment it is, not just for your family trying to get used to a new town, school, office and more, but for blending in with the immediate environment. Unless you’re living off the grid or on 100 acres of your own property, chances are, you have neighbors. It’s in your best interest to start off on the right foot to avoid misunderstandings.

Check out these tips for your next move so you can be the best neighbor possible.

Get Out There and Introduce Yourself

Used to be that neighbors would pop over with coffee cake or brownies when they saw new people moving in next door. Sometimes this still happens, but overall, people tend to keep to themselves. It may be up to you to make the first move. Take the initiative and stop over yourself to say hello.

If possible, advise your new neighbor when your moving day is so they can expect to see trucks and lots of people. If not, head over to introduce yourself when taking a break from unpacking. Bring your kids with you too if the neighbors have kids their age. Children and teens need ice breakers too.

Exchange Contact Information

Part of being neighborly means being there for one another when you can. Exchange basic information with each other, such as email, phone number and social media information. This will keep you both connected so if one neighbor sees something off when the other is at work, for example, they can alert them. Or, if one is going on vacation, the other can take in the mail.

Exchanging information like this forms the building blocks of trust on both sides. As you build that trust, you can work up to exchanging house keys for emergencies.

Throw a Housewarming Party

This is the best and quickest way to build rapport and break the ice. Invite your family and friends, as well as the neighbors to escalate new friendships blended with old. A BBQ or pool party is a great idea to mingle young and old in a festive atmosphere. First impressions are important!

Maintain the Home

Nothing separates neighbors and fosters ill will than a poorly kept property. Your neighbors have likely been there for many years and they won’t take kindly to a messy yard and unkempt landscaping. You don’t want to stand out in a bad way, so stay on top of the weeding, mowing pruning and gardening. Keep clutter out of the yard and be mindful of property lines.

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