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Packing & Unpacking Moving Services

Many times, the worst part of moving is not the actual moving day itself but actually the preparation for it. ACE Relocation Services can help! Simply schedule an appointment with us, one to two weeks before your move date, and let us do the work! You will identify if you want your entire home packed or only specific rooms and we will get to work. Don’t worry, you aren’t on your own after that. Of course, we will help move the boxes from one home to the next. As soon as your belongings are brought into your new house or apartment, the unpacking help begins! Our professional packers and movers will carefully unbox and unwrap your belongings and place them wherever you designate.

If the thought of having professionals pack and unpack for you sounds like a service only reserved for the rich and famous, think again! ACE Relocations Services makes this kind of service extremely affordable. In fact, it is often less expensive to hire professional packers. How is this possible? You may overpack your boxes so they are dropped or otherwise damage the goods inside. On the other hand, you may underpack each box and use more packing and moving materials than you actually need, a cost that adds up quick. We know exactly how your items should be packed for maximum efficiency and reduced risk to fragile pieces.

Don’t waste your own time packing when we can do it for you! Bring in the professional moving experts at Ace Relocation Services in preparation for your move. We can be reached at 215-479-2876 or by filling out our online form. Simply tell us a little about your packing and moving needs and we will provide you with a free quote. It is that easy!