Notice of Expansion – Expanding services to Bucks County


Expanding services to Bucks County

Philadelphia, PA, August 31, 2016– Ace Relocation Services is proud to announce the expansion of our services to all of Bucks County.

“At Ace Relocation Services we are so excited to be expanding our service area. This exciting move allows us to offer our services to an even larger area. Our goal is to reach out to potential customers and provide them with the quality service they deserve.”

Nothing is more disappointing then telling a potential customer that we cannot offer our services because they are not in our service area. At Ace Relocation Services we want to serve as many areas as we can, and relieve the stress of moving to our customers.

“I’m due to move to Bucks County in two months and I was very disappointed that Ace did not cover that area. I have heard such wonderful things about this company and how they are so efficient and professional. I cannot express how happy I am to be able to us them now for my move. The timing is perfect!” Ann Conway

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