Moving In A Hurry? Ace Says Don’t Panic

Are you moving in a hurry? Who cares why., you have to move! Your money and time is at risk. Here are some easy steps to keep your sanity. Ace has prepared the following quick moving tips so that you can get completely ready for the big day fast and with minimum efforts.


Create a Checklist
Time is not a luxury in this situation, and you may think sitting down and creating a checklist can be a waste of time. However, the checklist will allow you to strategically plan the move and rate what is most and least important. Create a quick moving calendar by taking a notebook and allocating one page for each day you have until moving day arrives. Then, write down all the pressing tasks by remaining days and appoint a time frame for each one. You’re moving calendar is nothing more than a detailed to-do list that has been tailored to your specific relocation needs. The creation and adherence to the to-do list is more important than you might think.

Pack like Superman:
Packing is not a luxury, you don’t have time to label boxes and put the blankets with other blankets. Your job is to gain as many boxes as possible and fill those boxes with as many items as possible. Some people think their big and heavy items should go into large boxes while their smaller and much lighter items will be better off in smaller moving containers. Ironically, just the opposite is true, so be careful not to exceed the safety limit of 50 lbs. per box. Save plenty of time and storage space by leaving dressers and chests full of their contents unless they prove to be too heavy to be lifted and transported to the moving vehicle. It’s like moving empty suitcases around – aren’t they supposed to help you move your stuff inside them? Try to think one move ahead.
The ideal method of packing your household belongings in a hurry is to gear up the packing process without compromising their safety in the resulted rush. It’s like driving your car along the highway really fast while remaining in full control of the situation. Can the words “quick” and “safe” co-exist in the same sentence when it comes to efficiently packing for a move? Sure they can – just follow the quick packing tips and tricks below:

Don’t Panic:
The first tactical move you are advised to employ is to resist the urge to hit the panic button. For better or worse, your moving date is confirmed now, so the faster you accept the way things are, the quicker you will be able to get down to work. Acceptance is easier when you know that some things are completely out of your control and the right mindset is to make the most of what you’ve got at the moment. If you need someone to help you move out quickly, give us a call

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