7 Top Tips for New Homeowners

If new homeownership is within your grasp, congratulations! There’s nothing more exciting than buying your first home. However, it can be stressful getting there, which is why you need trusted movers on your side to help with a seamless relocation. From painting the house before you move in to finding a dependable handyman, here are the top seven tips for new homeowners.

1.  Introduce Yourself to the Neighbors

Before you even move in, you should make an effort to meet your neighbors. If you have kids, introduce your kids to their kids. It will become essential later on to establish a good rapport with the neighbors, as it’s always nice to rely on someone to take in your mail when on vacation, watch your kids while you run out to the store or water the plants when you’re away on business. And of course, you can and should reciprocate.

2.     Find Dependable Service Professionals

From plumbers to electricians, you should have an idea of who you will call when you need that service so you aren’t left scrambling when a pipe bursts. Do your homework on oil heat providers, contractors and even just a general handyman who can help with anything from installing light fixtures to fixing a loose cabinet.

3.  Take Renovation Projects Slow

A new home often comes with some level of work. But there’s no need to rush those renovation projects. Take each step slow to avoid mistakes and getting overwhelmed. You won’t have the time, patience or money to do it all at once, so prioritize what needs to be done first, and go through the list.

4.  File Away All Manuals, Receipts and Warranties

From washers and dryers to furnaces and small appliances, it’s helpful to keep all that paperwork in one place, preferably a file cabinet. Then, you can refer as needed to each manual, or learn if the appliance is still under warranty for a repair. Saving receipts will also help you keep track of when you purchased the items.

5.  Change the Locks Prior to Moving In

Hire a locksmith before moving in, making sure everything is switched up by the time you walk in there for the first time. You never know who the former homeowners gave their key to, such as neighbors or service personnel.

6.  Paint Before You Move In

If the interior rooms are in need of a fresh coat of paint, it’s much easier to do this when there is no furniture inside. Plus, you won’t have to live amongst all the paint fumes and painters working around you all day.

7.  Create an Emergency Fund

You have to be prepared to handle last-minute problems that can be very stressful and costly. This is just part of being a homeowner. Stash away some cash so you can cover any unexpected problems, such as a broken AC system, plumbing emergencies or pest problems.

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