6 Tips for Packing Clothing

You may think that it’s easier to pack clothing than anything else due to its versatility and ability to be configured in several different ways. You’re not completely wrong, as clothing’s flexible nature gives you many options in regards to folding and packing it. But there are better ways than others to prepare and pack clothing for your upcoming move. Check out these helpful tips.

1.    Sort It Out

The first step is to sort out your clothes, selecting the pieces you wish to take with you and putting them in one pile. In another, place those pieces you wish to donate or toss. You’ll want to donate clothing that is gently worn, while tossing anything that’s stained or ripped. Or, you could use that damaged clothing as packing material.

2.    Group It

Save yourself some time and hassle later by grouping your clothing by category, such as by season, type (dressy vs. workout), material or purpose. When you go to unpack it all later, it will be organized for you already.

3.    Pre-Pack It

Put a few outfits in an overnight bag and take it with you in your car rather than the truck so you have them for a few days till you can unpack all those boxes. Pack away all the rest that you won’t immediately need, such as outdoor clothing, swimsuits and formal attire.

4.    Pack it in Boxes

Use ordinary cardboard boxes to hold your standard, every-day clothing. This includes anything you won’t mind if it gets creased or wrinkled. For formal attire like evening dresses and suits, bypass the boxes and use wardrobe boxes or bags (more on that below). Place folded clothes inside each box, then stack each one into the available space snugly. Close and tape the box when done. Label each box with the contents and the destination room.

5.     Pack Clothes in Wardrobe Boxes

Wardrobe boxes are meant to transport expensive clothes like formal designer wear. These tall boxes have metal rods where you can hang clothing. These boxes aren’t cheap, but they will give you peace of mind when transporting tuxes, wedding gowns and prom dresses. Assemble each box as directed, taking the clothes right out of your closet and hanging them in the box. Got space at the bottom? Put light things there, such as blankets and pillows. Close, seal and label each wardrobe box.

6.     Pack Clothes in Trash Bags

For everyday clothing, use garbage bags, which are far cheaper than wardrobe boxes. Plus, they take up less space. Tie some hangers together with the clothes on them, using a rubber band or cable tie. In the bottom of the bag, poke a hole and insert the metal hooks.

Now, you’re ready to load up all those boxes and bags so they can make the trip to your new place!

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