4 Reasons You Need Junk Removal Before You Move

Getting rid of clutter is a freeing experience, and can be very cathartic. And prior to a move, getting rid of all that has been burdening you can prove even more beneficial. In fact, the fewer things you bring with you to the new place, the more money you’ll save. The key is to hire a moving company that specializes in junk removal.

That way, you can keep both services under one company, for a money-saving, seamless experience.

Here the top reasons why you need junk removal before you move.

1.    You’ll Save Money

In most cases, moves are based on weight. The more your stuff weighs, the more your moving quote will cost. Plus, if your movers have to bring a second truck or hire more people to accommodate extra stuff, you’ll pay more too. So, it’s in your best interests to pare down your belongings before the move. You’ll save cash and headache at the same time.

2.    You’ll Reduce Stress

Packing, loading, transporting and unpacking are all stressful tasks. There’s no need to overburden yourself with heavy, inconvenient items that you’ll never use in the new place. It’s best to think about those consequences now and save yourself the stress later. That energy could be better spent on properly packing the items you do intend to use later.

3.    You Can Make a Few Bucks

For items that are still in good condition, consider selling them online or holding a yard sale. Moving is expensive, so the more cash you can put in your pocket, the better. Then, you can use that money toward the move itself, transportation costs, or for takeout/restaurant visits in the first week of the move so you don’t have to cook.

For items you can’t sell, donate them to a local charity so someone else can get good use out of them. You can use the tax write off, too.

4.    You’ll Make Packing and Organizing Easier

Your rooms can quickly fill up with stuff when packing, not to mention all the boxes and bins you have to fill them with. It can be physically exhausting to work around clutter while you’re trying to handle a move. Do yourself a favor and de-clutter your whole home before packing so you don’t have to navigate a junk-laden home, especially with kids underfoot.

In the end, removing junk from your residence prior to a move is mentally and physically beneficial as you prepare for the next chapter of your life.

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